NOTICE: MCPlayerEdit no longer works with newer versions of Minecraft. The storage format has changed and most / all features provided by MCPlayerEdit are now offered directly in Minecraft via player commands. MCPlayerEdit is no longer being maintained. If you want to take over development, drop me an email at the address listed below.


MCPlayerEdit is a Minecraft player- and inventory editor.

Features include:

  • Change player health (including god-mode).
  • Change player food (including god-mode).
  • Switch between Creative and Survival.
  • Modifying the inventory.
  • Adding kits (collections of items) to the inventory.
  • Showing and moving the player and spawn point coordinates.
  • Setting the in-game time of day.
  • Bookmark locations and warp back to them (works inter-dimensional).
  • Track your inventory in case of death.
  • Showing the random seed for your world.
  • Controlling the weather (turn on/off rain/snow/thunder for a specified time).
  • Lose-me function: randomly transport player N meters from current location.
  • Commandline history.
  • Commandline tab-completion (only on GNU/Linux, WinXP for now).

MCPlayerEdit normally operates in safe-mode, during which it is not possible to add items to the inventory which cannot be obtained in the game. To turn safe-mode off, see the safemode command.



This software may corrupt your Minecraft save file(s), and sneak up on you when you least expect it and go SSSSSSssss BOOOM. You have been warned, make backups!

A backup of the level.dat file is automatically created when you make changes. You can find it in your Minecraft Save game folder under the name 'level.dat.bak'. In case of emergency, scream, cry, rename 'level.dat.bak' to 'level.dat' and things should be alright again.


  • Python 2.6+


  • readline (libreadline) for tab-completion support.


Developed for and on:

  • Ubuntu 10.04 / Python 2.6.5

Confirmed to be working on:

  • Ubuntu 10.04
  • Windows XP (Limited tab-completion functionality)
  • Windows 7 (Limited tab-completion functionality)
  • Mac OS X 10.5.5

Should work on:

  • Every Unix-like OS
  • MacOSX
  • Windows Vista


GNU/Linux, Unix-compatible:

Unpack the tarball

$ tar -vxzf mcplayeredit-%%VERSION%%.tar.gz

Start MCPlayerEdit

$ cd mcplayeredit
$ python ./mcplayeredit
> load <worldname>

Windows (XP, 7):

  • Unpack mcplayeredit-%%VERSION%%.zip with something like 7zip.
  • Navigate to the mcplayeredit folder
  • Double click the 'mcplayeredit.py' file.

MacOS X (Using Finder)

  • Download mcplayeredit-%%VERSION%%.tar.gz
  • Open the containing folder
  • Double-click the .tar.gz file to extract it.
  • Open the extracted mcplayeredit-0.11 folder
  • Double-click the 'mcplayeredit.py' file. This will most likely open it in the Python IDLE editor
  • Press F5 to run the Python script.

Make sure you are not playing the World in Minecraft before loading the level in MCPlayerEdit, or your changes will not take effect. You can modify a world with Minecraft closed, waiting on the main screen or when playing another World.

You do not have to close MCPlayerEdit after editing a world, but if you have played the world in Minecraft, please issue a reload before making any changes.

Some usage examples:

(You can use tab completion if your on Linux. Tab completion also works on Win XP/7, but is not as full-featured as on Nix systems)*

> load
The following worlds are available for loading:
  New World
  Epic SHIT
  New World-

> load New World

New World> move spawn
Moved spawnpoint to current player position

New World> list
slot   0 ( quick inventory):  1 x Bow
slot   1 ( quick inventory):  1 x Iron Sword

New World> list cobblestone
slot  12: 64 x Cobblestone
slot  34: 17 x Cobblestone

New World> items tn
   46: TNT

New World> give 64 tnt
Added 64 x TNT in slot 0

New World> items diamond
  264: Diamond
  279: Diamond Axe
   57: Diamond Block
  313: Diamond Boots
  311: Diamond Chestplate
  310: Diamond Helmet
  293: Diamond Hoe
   56: Diamond Ore
  312: Diamond Pants
  278: Diamond Pickaxe
  277: Diamond Spade
  276: Diamond Sword

New World> give 1 diamond pickaxe
Added 1 x Diamond Pickaxe in slot 1

New World> give 64 264
Added 64 x Diamond in slot 3

New World> give 264
Added 64 x Diamond in slot 4

New World> give 128 Log
Added 64 x Log in slot 5
Added 64 x Log in slot 6

New World> remove 128 Log
Removed 128 x Log

New World> bookmark Pit of DOOM
Bookmark 'Pit of DOOM' created.

New World> warp
The following bookmarks have been set:
  Isle of Despair: 343.079559 61.620000 -198.879712
  Pit of DOOM: 341.527171 73.620000 -233.944163

New World> warp Isle of Despair
Warped player position to Isle of Despair

New World> settime sunrise
Time of day set to sunrise

New World> save
Saved. Backup created (/home/user/.minecraft/saves/New World/level.dat.bak)

New World> exit

See the 'help' command for more commands. Use 'help <command>' to get specific help on a command.

MCPlayerEdit Copyright(R) by Ferry Boender.

Released under the MIT license.

This program uses a modified version of the NBT library from pymclevel by Codewarrior0. The full library can be found at http://github.com/codewarrior0/pymclevel and is licensed under the MIT license.



CodeWarrior0 for the excellent NBT Python lib (I hacked it a bit)

Contributions / Testing

Camel            (suggestions)
LadyCygna        (testing, suggestions)
Lillefix         (documentation fix)
Maramonster      (testing, suggestions)
Yobbobandana     (bugfixes, patches)
Foone            (warpto command patch)
Dustin Pyle      (kitsave patch)
Stephen Rollyson (bugfixes, patches)
Rilian4          (ideas, patches)
rowanxim         (suggestions)
Pedro Lopes      (patches)


Send bugs, feature requests, patches and beer to:

ferry.boender AT gmail.com


ferry.boender AT electricmonk.nl

Git repository is here:


Please send merge requests using Bitbucket or provide patches in Unified Diff format:

diff -Naur OLDFILE NEWFILE > mcplayeredit-DESCRIPTION.patch

In case the patch gets accepted, I will credit you in the revision logs, HISTORY.txt and README.txt with the name from your email (I will not include the email address). If you do not want this, or want to be credited under another name, please let me know!