KeePass Plugin to unmount VeraCrypt Volume when all KeePass DB are locked


Plugin to automatically dismount selected or all VeraCrypt mounted volumes when all KeePass databases are locked/closed or when KeePass is exited. The plugin dismounts VeraCrypt volumes after a file is locked/closed but makes sure it's the last file that was unlocked/opened.

It's a fork of TrueCrypt AutoDismount for KeePass2

It's working as well a the previous plugin for TrueCrypt

current version:

Issue/Request implemented

fix looking for executable with file dialog in Linux

Older release notes


Issue/Request implemented

support Ubuntu/Mint PPA Build :

- ubuntu 17.10 with keepass2 from ubuntu universe repo.

- mint 18.2 with ppa

Windows disk letter are remapped to VeraCrypt slot number.


Issue/Request implemented

#1: Request: Support the use of VeraCrypt portable; Added VeraCrypt Path setting in Option panel, to accommodate VeraCrypt Portable users (non installed version, no info in registry)

Note: You will need to redo the plugin configuration after this install, as the config structure changed


Download page


Copy and unzip one of the download into your KeePass plugin directory.