1. Frédéric Bourqui
  2. VeraCryptAutoDismount



KeePass Plugin to unmount VeraCrypt Volume when all KeePass DB are locked


Plugin to automatically dismount selected or all VeraCrypt mounted volumes when all KeePass databases are locked/closed or when KeePass is exited. The plugin dismounts VeraCrypt volumes after a file is locked/closed but makes sure it's the last file that was unlocked/opened.

It's a fork of TrueCrypt AutoDismount for KeePass2

It's working as good a the previous plugin for TrueCrypt

current version:

Issue/Request implemented

#1: Request: Support the use of VeraCrypt portable; Added VeraCrypt Path setting in Option panel, to accommodate VeraCrypt Portable users (non installed version, no info in registry)

Note: You will need to redo the plugin configuration after this install, as the config structure changed


Download page


Copy and unzip one of the download into your KeePass plugin directory.