All scripts here are released uder the BSD 2-Clause open license (http://opensource.org/licenses/BSD-2-Clause). It basically says that you can do whatever you like with the code as long as you credit the author and provide the license with it. Also see LICENSE in the repo.


I do not promise any support for any of the provided scripts. That said, I'll do what I can for you if I'm not too busy and/or drunk.

General information

The paths are all configurable of course. The help information that the scripts give is dynamic and is provided here only for reference.



A wine helper designed mostly for games and apps that need specific configuration that potentially conflicts with others.

$ scotch2 -h
scotch2 — a WINE prefix manager and app launcher
Usage: scotch2 [options] <prefix>
    -n          Create a new prefix.
    -l          Launch an app in the prefix.
    -q          That's enough out of you! Makes scotch2 quiet.
    -k          Kill everything in the prefix.
    -d          Launch the app in a virtual desktop.
    -D [size]   Set the size of the virtual desktop (i.e. 1280x720).
    -s          Start a shell with the prefix set.
    -A [args]   Pass additional args to the app.
    -t [path]   Specify a template to use when creating a prefix (default: /home/fbt/.scotch2.d/.template).
    -h          Show this message.

The apps are specified in <prefix_dir>/scotchrc in the following format:
apps[<app_name>]="<path/to/exec> [options]"
The app that shares the name with the prefix is the default one, i.e. you can launch steam like this:
$ scotch2 steam
by adding a “steam” app into the prefix' scotchrc file.


A script that builds wine with specified patches. Nothing special here

$ vintner -h
Vintner — wine builder
Usage: vintner [-p <patch>] [-P <prefix>] [-c <configure_options>]
    -p <patch>                  Specify a patch file to apply. Multiple patches can be applied at the same time.
    -P <prefix>                 Specify a prefix ($cfg_prefix) to install to. Vintner won't run “make install” if this parameter isn't set by this flag or in /home/fbt/.vintnerrc.
    -c <configure_options>      Specify additional configure options.