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All scripts here are released uder the BSD 2-Clause open license (http://opensource.org/licenses/BSD-2-Clause). It basically says that you can do whatever you like with the code as long as you credit the author and provide the license with it. Also see LICENSE in the repo.


I do not promise any support for any of the provided scripts. That said, I'll do what I can for you if I'm not too busy and/or drunk.

General information

The paths are all configurable of course. The help information that the scripts give is dynamic and is provided here only for reference.



A multi-instance minecraft server management tool.

$ creeper help
Usage: creeper <action> <server> [args]

    create <server> [version]           # Create a new server instance.
    start/stop/restart <server>         # These are self-explanatory, I believe.
    patch <server> <zip/jar>            # Patch the instance's minecraft_server.jar with a zip/jar file.
    backup <server>                     # Make a backup of the world dir.
    status <server>                     # Check if the server is running.
    raw <server> <line>                 # Send a raw command to the server.

Creeper will read some options from ~/.creeperrc.
See the “locally modifiable config” section of the script for the values that can be overwritten.


A tool to download minecraft jars

$ piston -h
Usage: piston [flags] <version>
    -s|--server         # Download a server jar (default).
    -c|--client         # Download a client jar.
    -l|--launcher       # Download a launcher.
    -o|--output         # Output to a custom location. '-' works for stdout.
    -v|--verbose        # Some more output.
    -h|--help           # Show this message.