Only proceed with a task only when all Subtasks are completed

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Alex Augusto
created an issue

Hi Fidel;

I have some doubts and I am unable to solve them:

1: I have a task and a Subtask. I need to create a condition for that: I only proceed with a task only when all Subtasks are completed.

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  1. Fidel Castro Armario repo owner

    Hi Alex,

    Let's suppose you want to prevent a transition "T" from being executed while there exists a subtask in statuses different from "Resolved" and "Closed".

    You should insert in transition "T" a "Condition on subtasks" or "Validation on subtasks" with the following configuration:




    Once configured, transition "T" will look like this:


    You should use "Condition on subtasks" if you want to hide transition "T" if subtasks are not closed or resolved. If you prefer not to hide transition "T", and show the user a error message when trying to execute it with subtasks not closed or resolved, then you should use "Validation on subtasks".

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