Post function (delayed writing) not updating linked issue status

Issue #169 resolved
Ben Howell created an issue

Hi, As requested i have created my own issue to track the specifics. Similar problem to issue #162. I tried beta_7 without success. The logs are no longer appearing in the log file but its still not working properly.

Jira 6.3.15 on centos connected to a ubuntu linux db server running mysql.

All of my workflows function perfectly in version 2.1.32 but in any version newer i am having issues where the linked status is not getting updated. It is occurring in multiple workflows that we have however i have provided the most simple.

In this example we are dealing with two issue types.

A 'Site' and a 'GLIS'. They exist in a one to many relationship. Eg we have one site which is linked to manu 'GLIS' issues via issue links. A site has primarily two statuses No Investigations & Investigation Open. When a GLIS linked issue start its process the post function changes the status of the site to 'Investigation Open' and then when the GLIS is closed it transitions the Site back to Investigation CLosed as long as no other linked GLIS issues are open.

When we start the GLIS issue the Site correctly updates to 'Investigation Open' but when the GLIS closes its not updating the Site to Closed.

This is just one example, we have other more complex WF's which are behaving in exactly the same way, all worked fine on 2.1.32

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  1. Ben Howell reporter

    I can then go back into the site issue and manually transition it by clicking the WF button with success.

  2. Fidel Castro Armario repo owner

    Hi Ben,

    Thanks for creating the issue. Can you please try version 2.2_beta_4, and tell me how it works?

    You will have to refresh your browser to have updated, since this version have an issue with auto-refresh.


  3. Ben Howell reporter

    Hi Fidel,

    Beta 4 appears to work correctly for me! i have tried 3 different workflows and created several issues and all are transitioning properly. Apart from the auto-refresh it works well.

  4. Ben Howell reporter

    Hello, yes it appears to be transitioning the linked issues correctly (But the screen is still not auto-refreshing).

  5. Fidel Castro Armario repo owner

    Hi Ben,

    I think version 2.2_beta_11 is fixing the problem definitively.

    I would like to release this version as soon as possible, since this bug is really important. I keep waiting for your confirmation that the issue is solved,


  6. Ben Howell reporter

    Hi Fidel,

    I can confirm beta 11 is working fine for me :) transitioning and refresh is working well.

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