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Fatima created an issue

Hello.How could I indicate one user for several Project Roles as default member in Project properties?This is neccesary for us to use in Post function assignee issue to default member in project role.I have tried on the level of user it works,but in project properties it does not work.We need to regulate this mebers in project side not in users side

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  1. Fidel Castro Armario repo owner

    Hi Fatima,

    It's explained how to do it at "Assign issue to a user by Project Role".

    Setting default user for a project role with project properties, overrides doing it with user properties, i.e., project properties have priority over user properties.

    For setting default user by project role, you should edit your project's description: Administration > Projects > [click on your project] > Edit Project, and add strings with the following format:


    The following screenshot shows 2 examples:


    "Change Manager" and "Account Manager" are project role names, and "ada.lovelace" and "alan.turing" are user names.

  2. Fatima reporter

    I know it.We need such case ChangeManager=ada.lovelace and Account Manager=ada.lovelace.How deal with this case?

  3. Fidel Castro Armario repo owner

    Fatima, I have tried exactly your project role names, and it's working perfectly in JIRA 7.0 with JIRA Workflow Toolbox 2.2.1.

    Can you, please, attach a screenshot of your project's description?

    We can have a meeting at Skype and have a screen-share. I'm available until 14:00 UTC. My user is fidel100r.

  4. Fidel Castro Armario repo owner

    Hi Fatima, I have also tried using project properties with project role ID's, and it also works in my case. Let me know whether you want also test again it with ID's. We can have a Skype meeting and test it in direct.

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