Read field from issues returned by JQL query Function error

Issue #228 resolved
Andrey Kiyanovsky created an issue

Hi Fidel,

Please take a look at this screenshot. This is the item 4 itself.

Despite the error message, this function works as expected.

JIRA version v6.4.11 Toolbox 2.2.5

Thank you, AK.

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  1. Fidel Castro Armario repo owner

    Hi Andrey,

    Which is the typical value you are storing in Ephemeral string 3 (%{00063})?

  2. Fidel Castro Armario repo owner

    I mean the value you have in field "Ephemeral string 3" before executing the post-function, i.e., the value that will be replaced at the right of logical connective AND in your dynamic JQL query.

    The problem is that at configuration time the plugin doesn't know the value at "Ephemeral string 3", and JQL parser expects a logical term at the right of AND.

    Can you please tell me the typical value of "Ephemeral string 3" before executing the JQL query?

  3. Fidel Castro Armario repo owner

    Ok, Andrey. Now I see.

    It's not easy to solve this problem, and your usage is not very typical, however really elegant and amazing.

    A simple workaround is to remove the logical connective and from your JQL, and include it at the beginning of your 6 possible values.

  4. Andrey Kiyanovsky reporter

    Could you please provide an example?

    Let's take es3: labels is empty or (labels not in (QA,Review) and labels not in (SB,PR)) and JQL: issueFunction in subtasksOf('issuekey in (%{00041})') and (%{00063}) ORDER BY KEY

    How can it look like to avoid syntax errors?

    Thank you in advance, AK.

  5. Fidel Castro Armario repo owner

    Sorry, Andrey, my previous post is not a valid solution. Please, give me some time to think of a solution.

  6. Andrey Kiyanovsky reporter

    Fidel, the method of filtering subtasks you suggested works well, so this request is not holding me back, thank you!

  7. Fidel Castro Armario repo owner

    Hi Andrey, I don't consider this issue worth to be fixed, since it's a very unusual usage, and it's not possible to predict which kind of content will have a field in configuration time.

    Please, let me close the issue, since you have actually resolved your problem.

  8. Andrey Kiyanovsky reporter

    Sure thing, I did not expect you create a run-time parser, Fidel. I think a warning message would be enough in case the input string doesn't follow JQL rules. Also, there are might be custom search functions and you can't check them all, I guess.

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