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We have been using parent auto-transitions on Stories for the past year or so, but recently it stopped working. I've tried re-configuring it, doing the automation a different way (Execute Parent Transition vs Parent Issue Status), everything I can think of, and still can't get the transition to work. I really appreciate you taking a look as it's driving me insane!

I'm using the Validation on Subtasks Validator on the Story transition when the it goes from In Progress to Deployed QA. The validation says all App, Development, & DB subtasks must be in either Awaiting Prod Deploy, Closed, or Deployed status in order for the Story to transition. Please see attached screenshot of this validator setup. I did have a 'hide transition from user' condition on the transition, but it still didn't work even after I removed that condition.

Then the App, Development, & DB subtask workflows have the "Copy a parsed text to a field" post-function on the transition going from Ready to Deploy to Awaiting Prod Deploy (which is the status required in the above validator), to update the parent issue status to Deployed QA (or to execute Begin Testing transition when using the execute option). Please see attached screenshot of this post function.

I also tried using the 'validation on subtasks' validator with the 'transition parent issue' post-function from JMWE, just to see if that combination worked, but no luck.

We are on version 6.4.8 of JIRA, which we just upgraded to in December from 6.2.8. We don't know when this automation stopped working, but it's possible it could have stopped working after the JIRA upgrade.

Thanks for your help, & let me know if there's other info I can provide.

-Keri Butler Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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  1. Fidel Castro Armario repo owner

    Hi Keri,

    The configuration you are showing in your screenshots is correct. Please do the following checking:

    1. Ensure that you can manually transition stories (i.e., parent issues) when all its Dev, DB and App subtasks are in statuses "Awaiting Prod Deploy", "Deployed" or "Closed", and ensure that you can't when any of those subtasks is not in any of those statuses.

    2. Ensure that all 3 subtask's workflows (Dev, DB and App subtasks) contain post-function "Copy a parsed text to a field" in transitions to statuses "Awaiting Prod Deploy", "Deployed" and "Closed" with the configuration shown in your screenshot. Ensure that the name of the transition is correctly written.

    A pair of observations:

    1. Use condition "Transition is triggered by JIRA Workflow Toolbox post-function" in order to hide the transition to users.

    2. In the custom warning message you don't mention status "Deployed", but you should.

    If you don't achieve to make it work, we can have a screen share by Skype. I would like to see the failure in direct.

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