Empty number field can not be set to Ephemeral Number

Issue #40 resolved
Sandro Lehmann created an issue

Hi Fidel I have the following use-case / post-functions (sum up values):

  1. Copy a number from another project to Ephemeral Number 1
  2. Put the sum of the Ephemeral Number 1 and an own project number field to Ephemeral Number 2
  3. Set the Ephemeral Number 2 back to the other project

-> It won't work if the number field in step 1 is not set yet. I'd propose that if the number field is empty, 0 will be taken instead.

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  1. Fidel Castro Armario repo owner

    Hi Sandro,

    Your suggestion seems to be very convenient. I will implement it in the next version of the plugin for math operations "sum" and "average". It doesn't seem to be suitable for operations "highest value" and "lowest value".

    Anyway, as a workaround you could use post-function "Set a field from a set of rules based on regular expressions" as I show you in the following screenshots:

    Captura de pantalla 2014-04-29 a la(s) 16.48.33.png

    Once configured transition configuration will look like this: Captura de pantalla 2014-04-29 a la(s) 16.48.14.png



  2. Sandro Lehmann reporter

    Thanks for the proposal. That sounds good! I do think it is not convenient for min/max. min(nothing, 5) should be 5 anyway ;-)

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