Automatic change of status after Comment added

Issue #48 on hold
Alexandre CHERINO PARRA created an issue


How can i automatically change the status after added a Comment ?

Exemple: The status of my issue is Resolved or Closed, and a Comment has been added directly in the issue or by email (incoming email),... i would like in that case that the Status of my issue is automaticaly set to 'Open'.

Many thanks Alex

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  1. Fidel Castro Armario repo owner

    Hi Alexandre,

    JIRA Workflow Toolbox, is a set of conditions, validators and post-functions to be applied in workflow transitions. Adding a comment triggers an event in JIRA, and at this moment this plugin doesn't manage events.

    Maybe in the future I will support events, but nowadays this capability is outside the scope of this plugin.

    I will keep the issue in "on hold" status, until I make a decision about it.

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