copy value from parent to child - priority won´t set, when issue-security-level is set in same pf

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Andreas Hellwig
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Hi! I´m experiencing some odd behavior when copying the value from a parents priority field to its child priority field. However there is a workaround using "set fieldvalue as function of other fields"-pf. I´ll try to explain the issue, maybe i misused the functions or this is a minor bug...

In a transition from one status to itself i try to implement two pfs for relaying two fieldvalues from the parent (current) issue (which triggers the pfs in the transition) and its child-issue. one pf should relay the issue-security-level and one the priority. the values for both fields will be set on a transition-screen containing just these two fields.

In my tests it plays out as followed: - changing just the priority relays the value fine to the child-issue - changing just the issue-sec-level relays the value fine to the child-issue - changing BOTH fields relay ONLY the issue-sec-level but no priority. In the last case the issue-history of the child shows the change in priority, but wont set the field accordingly. Vise-versa the issue-sec-level is set but its change is not shown in the issue-history.

Workaround: creating a pf "set fieldvalue as function of other fields" between the above mentioned pfs in the same transition. the field to be checked ist the priority and the function is boolean: [priority=priority]priority. In words: when the value of priority equals the value of priority, then set the field priortiy to the value of the field priority. The idea behind this weird workaround was to force the value of field priority to be set again after setting the issue-sec-level. And after setting the value again, relaying it to the child-issue. If it was working because the idea catches on, i couldnt say....i was just clutching at every straw :-)

Again, as always when writing about weird behaviors, please excuse my english. Its difficult to describe even in my mother-language, let alone in another. But i hope you get the picture... :-)

I added a Screenshot for (hopefully) more clearance. I hope you can find a solution.

Thank you very much for your efforts!

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