Write Field On Linked Issues isn't triggering an Issue Updated event?

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Aggelos Paraskevopoulos [Cententia]
created an issue

We've got a problem report from a customer saying that the "Write Field On Linked Issues" is not triggering the "Issue Updated" event on the linked issues. They have recently upgraded to 2.2.36 and tried to replace "Update on Transition" post-function with the JWT one.

Any ideas?


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  1. Aggelos Paraskevopoulos [Cententia] reporter

    Hi @Fidel Castro Armario ,

    Back in issue #338, you wrote,

    The new version is triggering an "Issue Updated" event each time a field is updated. I don't know yet whether it will be the definitive solution, because I haven't yet investigated possible problems when many fields are updated on a same issue, because it will triggering more than one event on a same issue.

    So you finally reverted this?

  2. Fidel Castro Armario repo owner

    You are right, Aggelos. It hasn't been reverted. Sorry, I said that from memory.

    I have checked the code, and the event should be triggering. I will try to reproduce the problem and investigate the cause. I will keep you informed.

  3. konstantinos kontomaris

    Hello Fidel,

    Following Aggelos' latest Comment, I attach here a couple of snapshots that might help.

    As you can see, we have created a special w/f transition in order for Comments to be automatically "transfered" to other Issues that might be linked to the current Issue (that will be probably when someone wants to inform all the people involved in a case about a serious event that affects all)

    The post-function works fine, as the submitted Comments are copied to all the linked Issues as "New Comments", however, the problem is that the stakeholders of the linked Issues don't receive any notifications about these (copied) Comments.

    Testing shows that this (no-e-mail-notification) problem appears only when the "Target" field is one of the "JIRA Workflow Toolbox" 's "Virtual Fields" (such as: "new comment", "attachment (only new attachments..)", "last comments visibility restrictions" etc.). When we set any other ordinary CF (one that has a CF ID) as a "Target" field, an e-mail notification is sent normally.

    You can find a detailed scenario at the attachments; I hope this will help

    Best Regards Konstantinos

    P.S. It seems that a "Issue Updated" event can be (is) triggered after the execution of the post-function, whereas a "Issue Commented" event is not.

  4. konstantinos kontomaris

    Thanks, Fidel!

    This virtual Field already existed..? My apologies for haven't seen this..

    Moreover, it would be great if at the next version you could add an option to choose whether to send (Comment) notifications internally OR globally: that would really serve the case where: 1) one of the linked Issues is a Service Desk Issue 2) an "internal" broadcast towards all the related Issues' stakeholders is necessary, while, on the other hand, 3) this "internal" broadcast should not be exposed to the external customer (Service Desk Customer) of the SD Issue

    Thank you very much for your instant reply Thank you too, Aggelos for your help

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