Reporter set as anonymous instead of Current User

Issue #652 resolved
Yvan Le Texier
created an issue

When using Create issues and subtasks post function, with "This feature will be run as user in field Current user"

Reporter is not set as Current user on newly created issue where Anonymous is the reporter This has been tested with setting post function as the last one or the one before re-index.

Behaviour is the same. 2017-06-19_14h52_09.png

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  1. Yvan Le Texier reporter

    If I manually add configuration to set the field value, it's working. 2017-06-19_15h06_13.png

    The normal behaviour would be that running the feature as current user also set the reporter automatically as the current user...

  2. Fidel Castro Armario repo owner

    Hi @Yvan Le Texier,

    In general, JWT uses parameter "Run as" for handling permissions for creating issues, visibility of issues when executing JQL queries, creating comments, etc.

    JIRA differentiates between Creator and Reporter. Creator is the user who actually creates an issue, and Reporter is the user who reports an issue, even when he is not creating the issue.

    For "Create issues and subtasks" post-function, field Creator is the user you select in parameter Run as, but Reporter is a field that you set using parameter Set fields. If you don't do it, new issue will be created with anonymous reporter. I don't consider it a bug.

  3. Yvan Le Texier reporter

    Thanks for your quick response !

    As a user point of view, it's quite unusual to have an anonymous reporter, I would say it's impossible as the default in JIRA is that the reporter is the creator if no reporter has been set on the create issue screen.

    As an admin, it's the way other plugin creating issues behave... (Current User = Creator = Reporter)

    It would be great if your plugin behave the same way as JIRA when creating issue... :-)

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