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Christian Unbehend
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Hi Fidel,

we are still in the process of replacing another AddOn with JWT-Functionality. How should we replace best the following:

In a transition an issue in the same or other project is created and linked with the current issue.

Fields are mapped from current issue to the new one as specified in a field mapping

Then, the create-Screen of the new issue is coming up with the values preset by the field mapping. You can edit the values of the new issue.

After completion JIRA displays the newly created issue.

We tried to replace this with JWT-PF create issue but couldn't see how to integrate the create-Screen and create-Operation of the new Issue.

This would be very elegant, because we have several fields to be entered by the user, which are not part of the creating issue but belong to the new issue.

Can You help us, to figure out the best solution here?

Regards Christian

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  1. Fidel Castro Armario repo owner

    Hi @Christian Unbehend,

    Currently it's not possible to show the create screen of the new issue. Are you currently doing it with another add-on? Can you, please, tell me which one?

    As a workaround, you can create a screen in the transition where you execute post-function "Create issues and subtasks", and add some custom fields (different from current issue ones) that can be used in the "Create issues and subtasks" for setting the actual fields in the new issue.

    For example, you can create fields like "Priority on new issue" and "Due date on new issue", and then use the values entered on transition screen for setting Priority and Due date on new issue.

  2. Christian Unbehend reporter

    Hi Fidel, thank You for Your rapid answer.

    Currently we are using Exocet for the purpose of programmatically creating issues and linking them with specified field mappings.

    We have considered the workaround You described, but this leads to a significant number of new custom fields just for the purpose of copy them to new issues. As we have already a lot of custom fields in the application, with increasing number week by week, this solution is not accurate in our scenario.

    Do You have another idea?

    Regards Christian

  3. Christian Unbehend reporter

    Hello Fidel,

    can You give us a perspective, if and when You'll implement using the create screen to initialize fields of the new created issue?

    We have actually a lot of new requirements, which we would like to realize using that feature. Otherwise we have to implement all with Exocet, although we'd like to get rid of it.

    By the way, there should be the possibility to specify a field mapping, which is used to preset the fields in the create screen. If the user does not change it, the preset values are used for the new created issue.

    Regards Christian

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