Transition issue, but trigger post function only if checkbox checked

Issue #799 resolved
Arttu Hakanen
created an issue


I have a screen that pops up during transition. User types email body to the comment field and applies the transition and email will be sent. Is it possible to add checkbox to the screen that email post function would only work if that check box is checked?

No matter if the checkbox is checked, I still want the issue to be transitioned to another status. Just want user to choose if email is sent or not. Thanks!


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  1. Fidel Castro Armario repo owner

    Hi @Arttu Hakanen,

    With JWT you can block the transition using a condition or a validation, but you want to execute the transition in any case.

    You should contact the support of the add-on you are using for sending the email. Maybe they can help you.

    Of course, you can always use JWT's "Send an email" post-function.

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