Send an Email - To Recipients are not added as Watchers

Issue #834 resolved
Joseph Pursel
created an issue

Hi Fidel,

Using the JWT send an email function, the recipients are not being added as Watchers. The screen shot, in the attached file, shows the post function with a selection of To recipients and none of them are added as a Watcher. The only Watcher is the Reporter. I also added a file that shows the snap shot of the created issue showing only 1 watcher, the reporter.

Please help me understand how to add the recipients as watchers. The are not JIRA users and I do not want them added to the Watcher list. I only want the users, all of which are active JIRA users.

Thank you for helping me.

Best Regards, Joe

PS. Is there a way to send an email with Urgency so the email engine, Outlook in my case, can translate the request and make it a High Priority email in Outlook for the user to see?

Thanks, Joe

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