Encountering an Error on "Create issues and subtasks" post-function

Issue #843 resolved
Jorge Parrales created an issue

The specific use case in question here is that we are attempting to configure our JIRA instance to automatically create a Subtask anytime a Story, Research, or Bug issue type is created. A couple of peculiar things are happening:

  1. We receive an error message suggesting the issue cannot be created at all. The message states: “We can't create this issue for you right now, it could be due to unsupported content you've entered into one or more of the issue fields. If this situation persists, contact your administrator as they'll be able to access more specific information in the log file” as is shown in this screen grab.

  2. The issues ARE actually successfully created, but the subtasks we were hoping to automatically create are not. Moreover, the transitions we should normally be able to see in the issue we just created are no longer visible. This exclusively happens on the issues we made while testing the “Create issue and subtasks” post-function. Whenever the rule is removed, the transitions are visible once again. This shows the transitions when an issue is created with the Create issue post-function disabled. This shows the transitions missing when the issue is created with the post-function enabled.

Here is the post-function configuration settings for creating our standard issue types

Here is the post-function configuration settings for creating subtasks.

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  1. Fidel Castro Armario repo owner

    Hi @jparralesAIL,

    In Create issues and subtasks post-function you should use field code %{00000} (i.e., current issue's Summary) for setting Summary, and %{00001} (i.e., current issue's Description) for setting Description, instead of field codes for Parent's summary and Parent's description, that you are currently using.

    Please, try changing it and let me know whether it solves the problem.

  2. Jorge Parrales reporter

    All of those tests and error logs and it turned out to be such a simple solution. Thank you Fidel, your solution took care of it

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