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Hi Fidel,

Hope you are doing good! Is there a way to copy and paste a time stamp (date and time) of a Jira ticket to a new custom field, owned by an assignee?

For example, From "Transitions" tab of a Jira ticket: Ravi Teja made transition - 06/Aug/17 3:06 AM IN PROGRESS to IN PROGRESS

Tt would be the time Ravi took over (3:06). So, can we copy the "06/Aug/17 3:06 AM" from here or somewhere else and have it in a new custom field for reporting/tracking purpose?


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  1. Fidel Castro Armario repo owner

    Hi @Nikhil,

    Sorry, I don't understand the example you describe.

    Currently, It's not possible to calculate the time a user has had an issue assignee, but it's possible to calculate an issue took from one transition execution to another one.

  2. Nikhil reporter

    @Fidel Castro Armario ,

    I wanted to have the time stamp when an assignee took the ownership of a ticket. Which we usually find it in Transitions tab. So, just checking if there is a way out for it. In the above example, Ravi got the ticket assigned on "06/Aug/17 3:06 AM", so can we have this time stamp copy and parse to some new custom field?


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