Possible bug when creating multiple tasks under epic during a transition

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Arttu Hakanen
created an issue


I have a workflow that creates multiple tasks under epic (5-10 depending on the transition) during a transition. For some reason this task takes about minute to complete and JIRA gives me a message server not responding after about 20 seconds. However the task will run in the background and eventually gets completed ok.

This used to work faster and I never noticed before such a long time. Also this might not be a bug in JWT, but just to let you know if you have gotten similar tickets or noticed any similar issues before. Thanks.

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  1. Fidel Castro Armario repo owner

    Hi @Fidel Castro Armario,

    After having examined your log file it seems that you are invoking "Create issues and subtasks" post-function recursively in your workflows, i.e., in the Create Issue transition of the issues you are creating you are also invoking "Create issues and subtasks" post-function.

    You might be entering in an infinite loop of invocations to "Create issues and subtasks" post-function that ends when the server aborts the execution with an stack overflow error.

    Please, attach an XML export of each workflow implied in this issue: epic and tasks you are creating through "Create issues and subtasks" post-function.

    I recommend you to execute jira integrity checker to look for potential problems in your JIRA instance.

  2. Fidel Castro Armario repo owner

    Hi @Arttu Hakanen,

    You can perfectly use "Create issues and subtasks" post-function in Create Issue transition. It's very usual to do it, but you should be careful not to create an infinite loops os issue creations.

    For example, if you are creating issues using "Create issues and subtasks" in Create Issue transition, you never should select the same issue type as the issue type of the creator issue, i.e., you should create a task from Create Issue transition of a task, otherwise you will end up with an infinite loop of issue creations.

    In reality you can, but you should limit the loop using conditional execution parameter of complex expression for seed generation. You should know very well what you are doing.

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