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Maximilian Peter
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Hi Fidel,

I have the following case in my new workflow configuration:

I want to use the same workflow for different type of issues. Every issue-type has a different assignee, which is defined in the project property. Even if a user creates an issue, the action "copy parsed text to field" is used to set the assignee field (screenshot 1):


Everything works fine with this configuration and the action sets the assignee correctly. Now I have a second action in this workflow-step "Send an E-Mail". I want to create an e-mail for the assignee with a specific text (Screenshot 2 and 4):


The Mail-Notification-Step in the workflow is set to "general event".

Now I have the following problem: The assignee gets two mail notifications, one for the first assignment (jira standard mail) and one for the "send an e-mail" action. But this is not necessary, the assignee should get the e-mail from the "send an e-mail" action. (Screenshot 3 & 4):



On the issue create screen there is no field like component or assignee. This field are set by the jwt actions in the workflow. I have placed the "set assignee" action at the top of the workflow step, before the "first issue creating". I thought this could be the solution, but it doesn't work. May you have any idea to solve this issue?

Best regards


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  1. Maximilian Peter reporter

    Hi @Fidel Castro Armario , thanks for your answer. The Problem with this solution is: We have many different issue types with several workflows, but not all of them use the "send e-mail" action of your add-on. I think the only way to solve the problem is to modify the other workflows and build them with the "send e-mail" action. Or do you have another idea? Greets Max

  2. Maximilian Peter reporter

    Hi @Fidel Castro Armario , we have done some tests to analyse the behavior of the e-mail notification. We have an additional problem with the solution. Whenever an issue is assigned to an user, the JIRA system sends an e-mail for the event "Issue assigned". We use your add-on to assign an issue to an user. In this case two notification were send.

    1. JIRA system notification for "issue assigned"
    2. Email from send-Email action

    With your solution we must remove "Assignee" from "Issue assigned" event. The problem with this solution is, that in this case there is no e-mail notification for a manual assignment by user. This is a big problem for us, because we're often use this function.

    Do you have any idea about solving this problem. There should be an option in send e-mail function from you add-on, which allows to prevent the JIRA system notification.

    Greets Max

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