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Kosta Krastev
created an issue

Hey fidel,

Super stupid question which I cannot again get to play nice.

Basically have an 'issue' and several subtasks to it. The issue and subtask share a workflow. I have a set of fields that are on the Subtask (say 15 across 5 subtasks) which I also have on the main 'issue' ticket. I want to basically source the fields from the 'child' subtasks to the parent 'issue' ticket when subtask are either updated or transitioned. Managed to get it via Custom JWT text field but can't do via a either Read / Write on linked issues / subtasks (I do identify a mapping of child to parent; but then I don't manage to intersect the issue selector seemingly)

the options - filtering by issue link type; write on subtasks (parent to child I assume); write on sibling taks (subtask to subtask) don't seem to help. Could you suggest an approach

thx kosta

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  1. Fidel Castro Armario repo owner

    Hi @Kosta Krastev,

    In order to write from a subtask into the fields of its parent issue, you should use "Copy a parsed text to a field" or "Mathematical and date-time expression calculator" post-functions, selecting "Parent's...." like field. For example, if you want to write into parent's due date, you should select "Parent's due date" as target field.

    You use should use "Mathematical and date-time expression calculator" post-function for setting a number or date-time field, or "Copy a parsed text to a field" post-function for the rest of issue types.

  2. Kosta Krastev reporter

    Hi fidel thx for this,

    just a clarification the copy a parsed text to a field is field by field i.e. definition of target is one by one. IS there a way to define in one function multiple copy operations? or I guess rather set a field as a function of others thx and sorry for the trouble

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