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Haris Beci
created an issue

Hi Fidel,

i want to the the following thing. If you go from status "Review in Progress" to "Approval Pending" you can select the color of the field. This field is implemented as a list field. When the user select "Red" than it should go back to the "Milestone Pending" State but it does not work. There is also a reverse transition from "Review in Progress" to "Milestone Pending" so it should be possible. I use following:

The following text parsed in basic mode will be copied to Issue status: Milestone Pending Post-function will only be executed if the following boolean expression is satisfied: %{Milestone Color} = "Red" This feature will be run as user in field Current user.

Thanks for your help

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  1. Fidel Castro Armario repo owner

    Try doing the following:

    1. Select "Issue status (delayed writing)" at parameter Target field.
    2. Use the following value for parameter "Text to be parsed...":
    Milestone Pending : {delay=1500}

    That modification will add a delay of 1.5 seconds (1,500 ms) before executing the automatic transition to Milestone Pending status. You will have to refresh your browser in order to note the status change.

    If this work, you can try lower delays, like 750 ms.

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