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I need some simple field validations (classical mandatory fields at certain WF-Steps). It's quite simple to achieve this - so far I did this with JSU Addon - with JWT. But apart from the fact that it's a bit more obvious how to do it in JSU, there is an import edge over the possibilties in JWT: On the UI the cursor/view jumps to the field where validation was failing. This is almost critical for a good user experience. Is there a way to achieve this with JWT and I just didn't find this? If not, can you consider implementing this feature?

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  1. Fidel Castro Armario repo owner

    Hi @Jonathan,

    Sorry, but currently JWT doesn't allow to point out the fields implied in a validation failure, but it's definitely in the roadmap of the plugin. We will keep this issue open until it's implemented. I think it will not take too much to do it.


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