How to automatically create subtask when task is created?

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I'm using JWT post action to create a subtask whenever there is a new task created. However, when i inject this post action into the "Create" transition, whenever i create the task, Jira keep saying this and won't let me create a new task. (Please note, if I move the post action to any other transitions, it works.)

We can't create this issue for you right now, it could be due to unsupported content you've entered into one or more of the issue fields. If this situation persists, contact your administrator as they'll be able to access more specific information in the log file.

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  1. Fidel Castro Armario repo owner

    Hi @Chau,

    Please, attach a screenshot of the post-functions tab of your Create Issue transition. I want to see all the post-functions you are executing and their execution order.

    I also need your server's log file. You can send it to me to It's very important in order to find out the cause of the problem.

    Please, confirm also the version of JWT you are using.

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