How to prevent transition according to Sub-Task type and Assignee

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I want to prevent a transition at Parent level if SubTask, with Sub-Task Type (custom field) = X and Sub-Task Assignee is "unassigned".

How to do it?


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  1. GabrielJ reporter

    For learning purposes, how to use the following function in "Boolean validator with math, date-time or text-string terms" ? :

    count(filterByPredicate(subtasks(), ^%{nnnnn} = "X", ^%{00003} != null)) = 0

  2. Fidel Castro Armario repo owner

    Hi @GabrielJ,

    Sorry, I made a mistake. The boolean expression you should use is this one:

    count(filterByPredicate(subtasks(), ^%{nnnnn} = "X" AND ^%{00003} = null)) = 0

    replacing nnnnn with field code for Sub-Task Type custom field.

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