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Rajesh onteddu
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Hello @Fidel Castro Armario,

Hope you are doing fine, I need your help, please. I want to have a custom field which can display me the number of days from when the issue is been created. This is similar to created date but I just want the value to be in days only. And use this field for querying is it possible to do so. If so could you please share me the method of approach here.

Thank you, Rajesh.

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  1. Rajesh onteddu reporter

    Hello @Fidel Castro Armario,

    Thank you for your reply, I have tried this but let me share what my difficulty here is. I am using a Two Dimensional filter gadget and I don't know why this field is not being populated there. I want to know if this field is supported there. Cal field.PNGCan you help me with it, please.

    Regards, Rajesh.

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