Transition parent status if all subtasks are on the same status

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Saida Jafarova created an issue

Good day! I have the following issue:

There is a Task and a number of subtasks under it. I need to synchronize the parent and child issue statuses, i.e. if all subtasks are on "In progress", parent issue should be transitioned to <Development> status, if on "Closed", then parent should be transitioned to <Testing>. I tried to find the right condition for this, but this one doesnt work and I have no idea about it. count(filterByStatus(siblingSubtasks(), "In Progress")) = count(siblingSubtasks()) 1.png

Could you please help with it? Thank you.

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  1. Fidel Castro Armario repo owner

    Hi @saidajafarova,

    First of all, I inform you that we have a new support site. Please, use it for your future questions and support requests.

    In relation to this issue, your configuration seems correct. The only possible causes of your problem:

    • Parent issue is not in a status where transition "Send to development" is available. Maybe you are selecting a transition with the same name that belongs to a different workflow.
    • There is a condition or a validator in transition "Send to development" which is not being satisfied, and thus is blocking its execution.

    Try the following modifications:

    • Check "Skip Conditions" and "Skip Validations".
    • Check "Delayed execution".
    • Select "Transition to Status" in parameter "Choose Action", and select status "Development".

    If none of this changes solves your problem, we can have a screen-share through Skype. My Skype user is fidel100r.

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