Is it possible to add comment (using // or # for example) where you place a boolean expression

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Pierre-Jean Constant
created an issue

Would be usefull,for exemple, to remember that %{00020} = Current Reporter, %{00xxx} = Custom Field XXX, ... or any other usefull information ...


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  1. Fidel Castro Armario repo owner

    Hi @Pierre-Jean Constant,

    First of all, I inform you that we have a new support site. Please, use it for your future questions and support requests.

    In relation with your question. We are planing to improve basic parsing mode in all the features of the plugin, so that a complex expression can be written between there curly brackets. Example:

    Tomorrow is {{{dateToString({00057} + 1 * {DAY}, LOCAL, USER_LANG)}}}.

    This will also be available for post-function "Add a comment".

    Meanwhile, you can always use post-function "Copy a parsed text to a field" in advanced parsing mode, selecting "Ephemeral string 1" as target field, and then insert this field when composing your comment with "Add a comment" post-function.

  2. Pierre-Jean Constant reporter

    Thx for your answer but I didn't mean adding a comment to an issue, but adding "comment" as you can do it in Java code with // or /**/ where you write the parsing code ( basic or advanced mode)

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