How to make post-function work before screen fields update

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Maggie Gu
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I have a transition to create a sub-task from the current issue. When creating the sub-task, a screen will be displayed. I want to make sure the field value in the current parent issue remains unchanged and the field of sub-task is getting from the transition screen. I know this way will modify the field value in the current issue. how can I make the post function 1 work before the screen fields update?




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  1. Fidel Castro Armario repo owner

    Hi @Maggie Gu,

    First of all, I inform you that we have a new support site. Please, use it for your future questions and support requests.

    In relation to your question: sorry, but it's not possible to keep parent's issue untouched. The only workaround I can provide is to create a set of auxiliary custom fields like: "Subtask's Summary". "Subtasks's Description", "Subtask's Priority", etc, and us them for setting the values of the "Summary", "Description", "Priority", etc. in the new subtask.

    You should not insert this auxiliary fields in the view screen of parent issue.

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