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Create specific Sub-tasks for each selected Component

This is an example of creation of multiple issues based on seed strings using "Create issues and subtasks" post-function.


We want to automatically create specific set of sub-tasks for each specific Component selected in current issue. In this particular example we want to create the following sub-tasks for each component:

CharacterModel, Texture, Animation
LandscapeIllumination, Music
PortraitPhoto, Post-processing

We want that each new sub-task remains unassigned, and that the reporter is the user who executes the transition in parent issue. The rest of the fields in the new sub-tasks will inherit from parent issue.

Post-function Configuration

We use "Create issues and subtasks" post-function in a transition or the workflow of parent issue with the following configuration:

Create Issues and Subtasks configuration 1/2
Create Issues and Subtasks configuration 2/2

We are using the following expressions:

  • Seed strings:
    (%{00094} ~ "Character" ? ["Model", "Texture", "Animation"] : []) UNION
    (%{00094} ~ "Landscape" ? ["Illumination", "Music"] : []) UNION
    (%{00094} ~ "Portrait" ? ["Photo", "Post-processing"] : [])

    where %{00094} is field code for Components.
  • Summary: "Sub-task for " + ^%
  • Description:
    getMatchingValue(^%, ["Model", "Texture", "Animation", "Illumination", "Music", "Photo", "Post-processing"],
    ["Create the model for the new character.",
    "Create the texture for the new character.",
    "Create the animation for the new character.",
    "Create the illumination for the new landscape.",
    "Create the music for the new landscape",
    "Do the photos for the portrait.",
    "Do the post-processing of the portrait."])
  • Conditional execution: %{00041} = null
    where %{00041} is field code for Parent's issue key.

Once configured, transition will look like this:

Create Issues and Subtasks whole configuration

Screenshots showing an example of execution of the post-function


The workflow is shared between parent issue and sub-task, thus we are using Conditional execution with boolean expression %{00041} = null to avoid the post-function to be executed by sub-tasks. Note that %{00041 is field code for Parent's issue key.

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