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Parse Summary For Setting Due Date

Let's see a configuration that allows setting Due Date of an issue when we write "due on" followed by a date in the Summary of the issue. We are going to use the following date format: yyyy.MM.dd

We insert Parse field for extracting data post-function in "Create Issue" transition (after "Creates de issue originally" post-function) using the following configuration:


Note that:

  • Value format is date: yyyy-MM-dd
  • Leading delimiter is regular expression: due\son\s+

Once configured, post-function "Create Issue" looks like this:


An example of the result of the execution of this post-function:

Setting due date of an issue based on the summary

Related examples

  • Parse Summary for setting issue Priority: setting Priority of an issue when we write the priority name between brackets in the issue Summary. This can be particularly useful for issues created by email.