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This cube provides a way to manage and display entity field (attribute) translations, stored in the application database.

To achieve this for your particular entity type, you have to:

  • add an 'i18nfield_of' relation definition, linking from the 'I18nField' entity type to your translatable entity type(s)
  • add a 'ref_lang' relation definition, linking from your entity types to the 'Language' entity type
  • make your business entity type inherit the 'TranslatableEntityMixin' and list its translatable fields in its 'i18nfields' attribute
  • create a simple adapter that inherits '_TranslatableEntityAdapter' and is selectable for your translatable entity types

That's all for the code part. Just add at least one Language instance in your database and link your translatable entities to their reference language.

The default web UI will then display a new 'translations' action menu to users who can modify translatable entities, and display your translatable entities in the web request language by default.


If you want to translate all fields of the Card entity type (from the 'card' cube), you will need in your schema.py file:

from yams.buildobjs import RelationDefinition

class i18nfield_of(RelationDefinition):
    subject = 'I18nField'
    object = 'Card'
    cardinality = '1*'
    composite = 'object'

class ref_lang(RelationDefinition):
    subject = 'Card'
    object = 'Language'
    cardinality = '1*'
    inlined = True

And in the entities.py file:

from cubicweb.selectors import is_instance

from cubes.card.entities import Card as OrigCard
from cubes.i18nfield.entities import (TranslatableEntityMixin,

class Card(TranslatableEntityMixin, OrigCard):
    i18nfields = (u'title', u'synopsis', u'content')

    def dc_title(self):
        return self.printable_value('title', format='text/plain')

class MyTranslatableEntityAdapter(_TranslatableEntityAdapter):
    __select__ = _TranslatableEntityAdapter.__select__ & is_instance('Card')