SysMagic Project

:Author: Francois Chenais <>

... or how to make sysadmin tasks easy


The goal of the project is to create tools to easily manage systems over
the network.

Many tools exist but they are big solutions hard to maintains.

.. todo: Put examples.

The vision

In my vision, the tools must :

- be simple
- be used in commandline
- be easily interfaced with gui
- be construct as a set of plugins working together

  - the plugins only manage local actions
  - remote action must be provided by remote call plugin
  - the plugins must be able to check the integrity of the configuration

- be usabled in security context

  - all action must be logged
  - any logged action must be sure
  - any logged action must be identifiable
- be able to use heterogeneous authentication system (openID, kerberos, ...)
- be able to dispatch informations throw different format to different kinds
  off media (web, rss, twitt, chat ...)

Firt Roadmap

The firt objective is to create a set of tools used to manage remote linux
installation system based on kickstart. 

We must :

- define log mechanism
- define plugins interface
- creating some plugins to manage

  - tftp
  - pxe
  - dhcp
  - dns
  - kickstart