Composing assignment expression

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When running the following code:

p = parse("a = 2 + 3", Expression)

On output I erroneously get : a = 2
When I print the XML dump of the instance p, everything seems allright.

On the other hand, if I parse expression: "a = (2 + 3)", I get: a = 2 + 3

Am I missing something?

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  1. Volker Birk repo owner

    Yes and no ;-)

    That's a bug with compose() and this grammar obviously. But this grammar is still pre-alpha. Hadn't any time to work on it, sorry.

    The only reason why it is published in such an early state is that I was asked to do that – just to give an example for pyPEG, even if it's incomplete.

  2. Bogdan Vukobratovic

    The following change seems to have fixed the problem.

    At line 1385 of of pyPEG module, i changed the elif branch to:

    elif isinstance(g, attr.Class):
        t = getattr(thing,
        if (not ("grammar" in dir(t))):
            text.append(self.compose(t, g.thing, attr_of=thing))
            text.append(self.compose(t, attr_of=thing))
        if card < 1:
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