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default grammar for flag()

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     h3 id=flag > Function flag()
     h4 > Synopsis
-    p > «flag(name, thing)»
+    p > «flag(name, thing=None
     p   >>
         Generate an «Attribute» with that «name» which is valued «True» or
-        «False».
+        «False». If no «thing» is given, «Keyword(name)» is assumed.
     h4 > Parsing


     h4 > Returns
-    p > Instance of «SyntaxError»
+    p > Instance of «SyntaxError» with error text
     h2 id=convenience > Convenience functions


 attr.Class = namedtuple("Attribute", ("name", "thing", "subtype"))
-def flag(name, thing):
+def flag(name, thing=None):
     """Generate an Attribute with that name which is valued True or False."""
+    if thing is None:
+        thing = Keyword(name)
     return attr(name, thing, "Flag")
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