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Release 2.0.0

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 	zip -j docs/*.html docs/format.css LICENSE.txt
 deploy: dist
-	rm -f pyPEG2.tar.gz2
+	rm -f pyPEG2.tar.gz
 	ln -s dist/pyPEG2-*.tar.gz pyPEG2.tar.gz
 	scp docs/*.html docs/format.css pyPEG2.tar.gz *.txt
 	rm -Rf dist MANIFEST pyPEG2.tar.gz
-	hg push ssh://
+	hg push ssh://
 dist: docs
 	$(PYTHON) sdist


 div id="headline" {
     p > pyPEG – a PEG Parser-Interpreter in Python
     div class="small" {
-        "pyPEG 2.0 of So May 06 2012 – Copyleft 2009-2012, "
+        "pyPEG 2.0 of Mo May 21 2012 – Copyleft 2009-2012, "
         a "", "Volker Birk";
     div id=python1 p {
     menu {
         ne "" > Download pyPEG 2
         ne "LICENSE.txt" > License
-        ne "" > Bitbucket Repository
+        ne "" > Bitbucket Repository
         ne "" > Commercial support for pyPEG
         ne "" > YML is using pyPEG
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