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Michael Jones
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I wanted to try pypeg2 for a project but I struggled to figure out how to install it because I thought that pip install pypeg would work but it doesn't as it requires pip install pypeg2.

I wanted to make a pull request with an Installation section added to the documentation to make it nice and clear for new people but I now can't figure out how to install your YML library. I've downloaded the tar ball as it doesn't seem to be on PyPI but your tarball doesn't have a file which makes it super hard to install it :)

I like the look of pypeg2. I wanted to try to use it for attempting to add a JSX style syntax to Python files. Do you think it would be suitable for this? For parsing something like:

def render(args):
    return <div>
              <p>My paragraph</p>

I do not having any experience with parsing. I am asking here because I can't find a mailing list for pypeg2 or any other place to ask.

Any help would be much appreciated, Michael

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  1. Michael Jones reporter

    I've been playing around with pypeg2. I'm really enjoying it. Thanks for the great project. I've got something working as a basic proof of concept for my JSX-in-python thing. The compose stuff is great, it plays really well with my use case.

    I felt I had to write my own custom parsing method to do matching tags as I couldn't see anything about back-references or repeat patterns but that was easy too. I think maybe the compose method is best as a bound instance method rather than a class method as the docs indicate? I might be wrong though.

    Thanks again, Michael

  2. Volker Birk repo owner

    Hi, Michael,

    first: I like seeing you enjoying pyPEG ;-) The reason why pip install pypeg2 is needed is that there is pyPEG 1 which is not compatible. I could have given another name to pyPEG 2, but it has lots of ideas of pyPEG 1, so I decided to reuse that name and give it a new major version number.

    For your topic, maybe looking at YML2 could be interesting as well:

    There is nothing which prevents you from having an instance method for compose. For your documentation improvement ideas: do you want to supply a patch?

  3. Michael Jones reporter


    In case you are interested my code using pypeg2 can be seen here: I would welcome feedback if you have any.

    I think my approach might be better if I had a full Python syntax parser in pypeg2 and then adapted it to allow the additional syntax at particular points. Do you know of such a parser? I've seen your pyC11 project but wonder if such a thing has been done for Python?

    I'm still really loving pypeg2. This has been my first real experience parsing stuff and it has made it so easy.

    Cheers, Michael

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