pyPEG / Makefile


.PHONY: docs test_docs clean push dist test register deploy

	$(MAKE) -C docs
	zip -j docs/*.html docs/format.css LICENSE.txt

deploy: dist
	rm -f pyPEG2.tar.gz pyPEG2-*.tar.gz
	ln -s `ls dist/pyPEG2-*.tar.gz | tail -n1` pyPEG2.tar.gz
	ln -s `ls dist/pyPEG2-*.tar.gz | tail -n1`
	scp docs/*.html docs/format.css pyPEG2.tar.gz pyPEG2-*.tar.gz *.txt samples/*
	make register

	$(PYTHON) check
	$(PYTHON) register

	$(MAKE) -C docs test

	$(MAKE) -C docs clean
	rm -Rf dist MANIFEST pyPEG2.tar.gz pyPEG2-*.tar.gz

	hg push ssh://

dist: docs
	$(PYTHON) sdist

	PYTHONPATH=`pwd` $(PYTHON) pyPEG2/test/
	PYTHONPATH=`pwd` $(PYTHON) pyPEG2/test/
	PYTHONPATH=`pwd` $(PYTHON) samples/
	PYTHONPATH=`pwd` $(PYTHON) samples/

install: dist
	$(PYTHON) install --user
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