pyptug / webpy / mailing / templates / format001.html

$def with(timestamp, header, rs)
@page lastPage {
  top: 1cm;
  left: 2cm;
  right: 2cm;
  height: 2cm;
  @frame footer {
    bottom: 2cm;
    margin-left: 1cm;
    margin-right: 1cm;
    height: 1cm;
<font size=48 color=blue>PYPTUG</font>
$header['lastname'], $header['firstname']<br>
Dear $header['firstname']:<br>	
You should really learn about this:<br>
<table border="0" cellpadding=1 cellspacing=4>
$for row in rs
	<td class=title>
If you have any questions, please come to PYPTUG meetings!<br>
Thank you kindly<br>
Francois Dion<br>
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