The first fight.

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shirish agarwal created an issue

Hi all, At the first fight, I have 3 people in my team. Somehow the first are able to use either their movement, their blows or their spell but the third is unable to and the game sorta stucks. Can you make it so that the fight is 1:1 each time.

I get stuck and am not able to get out, I basically twirl/loop between spells and traits.

Looking forward for assistance.

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  1. RĂ©mi Verschelde

    Hm, I can't reproduce this, I could play the first fight without any issue. Are you sure that you are using the "Spells" menu to choose an action and not the "Stats" menu to see the player stats? Or maybe you unassigned the spells from this third character in the main menu before the battle?

  2. shirish agarwal reporter

    AFAIK I haven't unassigned any spells from the third party although frankly speaking I think the control system for the fight sucks (as in too complex).

    I have played many RPG's where you had spells but both action and spells are/were easy/intuitive. For e.g. you can see valyriatear which has a much easier spell and action sequence then yours. I can't put a finger to it, perhaps you can play and will know what I mean.

    Part of it is perhaps that the menu is much more easier to comprehend and stats sits in a different place than spells. Maybe the stats part could be decoupled from the spells menu ?

  3. Rune Devros repo owner

    I'll see what Valryatear has to offer. At a first glance battle system resembles Ar Tonelico or Grandia II, which is a significantly different style of RPG while we're going for Fire Emblem / FF Tactics / Disgaea style strategy RPG.

    As for the original bug, I can't seem to reproduce the error and per Remi's report, they seem to be unable to reproduce it either.

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