Blowing up dolls vs. invisible tree crash

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Issue #121 resolved
Rune Devros repo owner created an issue

"@Jamuko You know that game I got from you? Well, I managed to crash it by detonating one of Alice's dolls on the unhittable fog trees."

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  1. Rune Devros reporter


    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "", line 14, in <module>
      File "lostsky\__init__.pyc", line 144, in bootstrap
      File "lostsky\core\engine.pyc", line 2619, in title_screen
      File "lostsky\core\engine.pyc", line 2652, in launch_wm
      File "lostsky\worldmap\worldmap.pyc", line 547, in navigate_loop
      File "lostsky\worldmap\worldmap.pyc", line 476, in user_input
      File "lostsky\worldmap\worldmap.pyc", line 1552, in navigate_loop
      File "lostsky\worldmap\worldmap.pyc", line 1503, in user_input
      File "lostsky\worldmap\worldmap.pyc", line 1767, in menu_loop
      File "lostsky\worldmap\event.pyc", line 290, in execute
      File "lostsky\battle\mapobj.pyc", line 2234, in turn_loop
      File "lostsky\battle\mapobj.pyc", line 1879, in player_turn
      File "lostsky\battle\mapobj.pyc", line 1056, in user_input
      File "lostsky\core\char.pyc", line 3174, in menu_loop
      File "lostsky\battle\trait_skills.pyc", line 1551, in player_interface
      File "lostsky\battle\trait_skills.pyc", line 1511, in calculate_damage
    AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'defmod'
  2. Rune Devros reporter

    Crash due to target not having an equipped spell (possibly having been fully depleted during actions). Attacking a tree cloaked in fog works as intended.

    Fixed in 0b4613a78963

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