Crash: Free Create menu exit

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Issue #15 resolved
Jesse Kaukonen created an issue

In "Free Create" menu, if there are ingredients in the slots, pressing "cancel" crashes the game. "X" still works, but the "cancel" option doesn't.

Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 87, in <module> File "core_system\engine.pyc", line 1445, in title_screen File "core_system\engine.pyc", line 1478, in launch_wm File "worldmap_system\worldmap.pyc", line 428, in navigate_loop File "worldmap_system\worldmap.pyc", line 1094, in navigate_loop File "worldmap_system\worldmap.pyc", line 1057, in user_input File "worldmap_system\worldmap.pyc", line 557, in wm_menu File "worldmap_system\spell_synthesis.pyc", line 56, in spell_synthesis_menu File "worldmap_system\spell_synthesis.pyc", line 191, in free_create_menu AttributeError: 'Spell_synthesis_system' object has no attribute 'player'

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