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Issue #24 open
Jesse Kaukonen created an issue

In battle mode, when placing characters make the character selection screen show up immediately after pressing Z for placing the current character to a slot. Now you always have to press X in order to return to the upper menu.

So once you place a character, auto-return to the "character wheel" instead of keeping the already placed character selected.

After all the characters are placed, auto-return to the menu where you can start the battle. There is "place characters" option, so you can return to the character placing mode if you wish to do any changes.

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  1. Rune Devros repo owner

    Just added the changes to the development repository, can you test to see if it works well. There are a lot of tweaks to the deploy screen that I made.

  2. Jesse Kaukonen reporter

    I'll write this here. Let's see if this needs it's own issue or not, or if this is a good prososal at all.

    Create a new menu in the party management screen. It shall be called "deployment formations" or something similar. The idea is that the player can build a default formation to which his characters are placed on various shaped deployment tiles.

    For example:

    Shape 1:

    [] [] [] []

    [] [] [] []

    Shape 2:

    [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []

    Shape 3:

    [] []

    [] []

    [] []

    [] []


    Depending on how many characters the player can actually use in combat at the peak of his game (meaning how many touhous will join the party and how many can be used in a battle).

    In this deployment formation menu the player can place touhous to these slots and check a box "deploy to these slots automatically" or something. Now when a battle begins, and the deployment slots are in some order to which the player has defined a preset deployment formation the characters will automatically deploy themselves to the slots. Of course it must be possible to change your deployment later on by going to "place characters" option.

  3. Rune Devros repo owner

    Not quite sure if this will be really useful to be honest. There are going to be a lot of varied deploy tile sizes in maps in the future as well as maps with separated deploy locations.

  4. Yohann Ferreira

    I've been in serveral fights. IMHO, this is useless as each fight means a different and specific formation.

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