Crash on Marisa's mission

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Issue #3 resolved
Jesse Kaukonen created an issue

I started by going through all the tutorials and dialogues, played the first mission, and then when I could choose my mission, I went for Marisa's.

Crash #1

  • After dying to the boss(last characte died, it was Chen), the game showed the mission failed text, then went to the Result screen and showed "Errors occured - See the log file 'F:\Touhou\other\lostsky-v3.0.1-beta-windows\srpg.exe.log' for details

The log file:

Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 88, in <module> File "engine.pyc", line 1317, in title_screen File "engine.pyc", line 1355, in launch_wm File "worldmap.pyc", line 429, in navigate_loop File "worldmap.pyc", line 385, in user_input File "worldmap.pyc", line 1076, in navigate_loop File "worldmap.pyc", line 1041, in user_input File "worldmap.pyc", line 1241, in menu_loop File "worldmap.pyc", line 1483, in execute File "engine.pyc", line 1101, in update_player_data KeyError: u'Marisa'

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  1. Rune Devros repo owner

    The issue came from a problem with new units being added in a mission and then failing it. The map didn't update them properly after the mission.

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