AI can't use bridges

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Issue #51 on hold
Jesse Kaukonen created an issue

Enemies can't use bridges. At least not when going out for a heal. This happened clearly in the graveyard mission: Some enemies were on the middle island while healers were north from the river. The enemies sent their SOS signal and rushes towards the healers in a linear line. The healers attempted to reach the wounded in similar fashion. It didn't turn out well and reminded of Total Annihilation and the AI building land units on a water map...

Thus the AI requires some tweaking so they can plot their paths to healers. It already works when chasing enemies, right? Or does it?

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  1. Rune Devros repo owner

    This is going to require a lot of work on the AI side before it can get fixed. Temporarily putting this on hold till 0.5.1 or beyond.

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