Crash at battle against Misaki.

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Issue #81 resolved
Former user created an issue

I surrounded Misaki after capturing all 4 points to attack her without getting countered. But after she summoned the guardians to retake the points, it crashed. Below are the text from srpg.exe.log file.

Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 4, in <module> File "lostsky__init__.pyc", line 98, in bootstrap File "lostsky\core\engine.pyc", line 1792, in title_screen File "lostsky\core\engine.pyc", line 1825, in launch_wm File "lostsky\worldmap\worldmap.pyc", line 489, in navigate_loop File "lostsky\worldmap\worldmap.pyc", line 1339, in navigate_loop File "lostsky\worldmap\worldmap.pyc", line 1293, in user_input File "lostsky\worldmap\worldmap.pyc", line 1547, in menu_loop File "lostsky\worldmap\event.pyc", line 285, in execute File "lostsky\battle\mapobj.pyc", line 1951, in turn_loop File "lostsky\battle\mapobj.pyc", line 1787, in ai_turn File "lostsky\battle\ai_fsm.pyc", line 53, in execute_turn File "lostsky\battle\ai_fsm.pyc", line 739, in think File "lostsky\battle\ai_fsm.pyc", line 175, in select_movement File "lostsky\battle\ai_fsm.pyc", line 241, in select_destination File "lostsky\battle\ai_fsm.pyc", line 302, in prioritize_destinations AttributeError: 'Unit' object has no attribute 'valid_spell_range'

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  1. Rune Devros repo owner

    Thank you for your report! Fixed this bug in the development branch. It was due to a weird collision of two bugs: one in the storage of enemy units with 0 movement and another with the AI destination prioritization code looking at the wrong team.

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