Persistent Misaki Barrier on Mission Reset

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Issue #86 resolved
Former user created an issue

On v0.9.0, since there isn't a dropdown menu option for that yet.

Ran into an issue when restarting CH3ST5. I reset fairly late into the mission (after the 2nd wave of hitodamas appeared) before quitting; after restarting I found that getting all the SSPs failed to trigger anything.

Steps to reproduce: 1. Start mission as usual and capture the SSPs.
2. After the "barrier is down" dialogue is finished, quit the mission.
3. Restart mission. Capturing the SSPs results in no change in Misaki's barrier state, nor does it trigger the dialogue.

Will properly trigger after a hard restart (i.e. closing/restarting the program). Activating some SSPs (but not all) and resetting doesn't seem to have any effect - seems like the stage is initialized normally.

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