Crash when attempting to overwrite a save file when exactly 3 save files are present

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Issue #88 resolved
Rune Devros repo owner created an issue

To reproduce: - Create 3 save files. - Overwrite one of them.

Game crashes

Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 9, in <module> File "lostsky__init__.pyc", line 101, in bootstrap File "lostsky\core\engine.pyc", line 2427, in title_screen File "lostsky\core\engine.pyc", line 2460, in launch_wm File "lostsky\worldmap\worldmap.pyc", line 525, in navigate_loop File "lostsky\worldmap\worldmap.pyc", line 1534, in navigate_loop File "lostsky\worldmap\worldmap.pyc", line 1497, in user_input File "lostsky\worldmap\worldmap.pyc", line 653, in wm_menu File "lostsky\core\engine.pyc", line 606, in save_menu File "lostsky\core\engine.pyc", line 753, in slot_select_loop File "lostsky\core\engine.pyc", line 1035, in data_confirm_loop ZeroDivisionError: integer division or modulo by zero

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