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 = About =
 Story of a Lost Sky is a Turn Based Strategy RPG with gameplay that is similar to Fire Emblem. Units are placed on a tile map and each side takes turns moving and attacking. Outside the battle map, the player is able to customize their characters and equip new spells and traits. The game is developed in Python using the Pygame library. A Windows executable is available on our downloads page. Mac OSX and Linux are only supported through source version. You’ll need to install Python v2.5.4 (2.6 works as well but Pygame’s developers recommend 2.5.4 for compatibility) and the latest version of Pygame v1.9.1 as of this post.
-= Latest Release Announcement (Version 0.5.1)=
-== July 17, 2010 ==
+= Latest Release Announcement (Version 0.6.0)=
+== January 22, 2010 ==
-0.5.1 is a major maintenance and feature update. The battle system and its animation system have been restructured, though the effects will be transparent to the player (We now support animations during spell casting).  New to the game is a complete overhaul of the treasure collection system. The goal of this is to give players greater incentive to seek out new items. The points system has been removed in place of getting rewards from Kourin through returning treasures. Some major balance tweaks have been performed on the missions including mostly a total redesign of CH2ST3. Playtesting found that that mission wasn't very fun, so we made the new objective to take on Miu. A lot of the story in that mission has also been redone to give the scenes more life. Additionaly, over a dozen bugs have been fixed. As far as art goes, we have added a new Wriggle sprite by Water and Wind. Support has also been added for cliff terrain, though it has not been put to use yet.
+In the past months, 0.6.0 has been under steady development. Much of the work has been on the game engine side, adding a lot of new features. After long delays, we've finally implemented a scripting system for bullet animations. The spell animations are now more like the spells used in the Touhou games. Also supported are pre-rendered animation sequences. Some other features will be transparent to players. We have switched over to using Pygame's internal sprite system for most of the work on the battle maps, which runs more smoothly because only portions of the screen are updated at a time. The second behind the scenes feature that we added is a reworking of the mission format to support more powerful scripting. Expect some of the future missions to have more complex scripting exhibited.
-So what's to expect in the next version? We've recently drafted up a design for a sidequest mission centered on Alice in CH2 so look forward to that. We're also looking to push towards CH3 in the next version which will feature the first battles on Youkai Mountain. 
+On the content and gameplay side, there have been some major additions. Chief among them is a system of support spells that adds variety to the game. Reimu and Ran's roles are now more aligned towards supporting their allies with buffs and debuffs rather than directly attacking. A couple of map sprites have been added (Akyu, Keine, Mokou, Aya and Asa, by Nazerine). Sound effects have also been added and are in an experimental stage right now. We will be introducing sound effects throughout the rest of the game in the next release. We also hope to have new portraits in the next release. 
 = Screenshots = 
-[[http://imgur.com/pshdn.jpg|{{http://imgur.com/pshdns.jpg|Revised CH2ST3}}]]
-[[http://imgur.com/Qa7KK.jpg|{{http://imgur.com/Qa7KKs.jpg|Treasure Collection System}}]]
-[[http://imgur.com/fXQ0x.jpg|{{http://imgur.com/fXQ0xs.jpg|New Scenes Added}}]]
-[[http://imgur.com/8jtem.jpg|{{http://imgur.com/8jtems.jpg|Wriggle Battle Animation}}]]
+[[http://i.imgur.com/qw55H.jpg|{{http://i.imgur.com/qw55Hs.jpg|New Animation System}}]]
+[[http://i.imgur.com/kSTK6.jpg|{{http://i.imgur.com/kSTK6s.jpg|New Map Sprites}}]]
+[[http://i.imgur.com/cVSpq.jpg|{{http://i.imgur.com/cVSpqs.jpg|New Scenes Added}}]]
 = Q & A =
 *What are the major changes in the latest version?
-** Treasure Collection System
-** Lots of Bugfixes
-** Cliff terrain for Youkai Mountain (Implemented, but not used)
-** New Content: 
-***Redone CH2ST3
-***Wriggle Sprite
-** Please see Changelog.txt for complete update information
+** Spell Animation System
+*** Scripted animation system
+*** Support for canned animations
+** Updated Mission Format: Better scripting support
+** Battle maps take advantage of Pygame's sprite system
+** Preliminary work on sound effects
 * What are some new features that are planned?
 ** New spells and traits, more animations and updated sprites